My Purpose

Wave Art Culture

My purpose has always been to serve as a catalyst to uplift others. 

Drawing My Prayers

In describing this labor of love, the Drawing My Prayers project, I am struggling to find the words to express how I am feeling about sharing this work and about how it has transformed me and continue to do so.

The work come from a deep place that I hold sacred, manifested from the shadows, and I am humbled to be their medium. 

The creative process of bringing them into the world and gazing into their mysteries has helped me find strength, uncluttered my thoughts, stabilized and lifted my moods, and enhanced my ability to focus.

They cleanse and heal me so that I may serve others from a place of better balance. I am sharing them with you with the hopes that they will impact you in a beneficial way too. 



 About Wave Art Culture, and Drawing My Prayers


Wave Art Culture is about personal development for the betterment of others, developing ourselves so that we can better serve our families, our communities and our Creator.

About Drawing My Prayers

The Drawing My Prayers Project is something that I started after my father, whom I adore, passed away. I felt incredibly sad and missed him beyond what I ever thought was possible for me.

I needed something to occupy my thoughts and to channel my sadness and prayers in a positive way.  I started drawing mandalas, embedding them with prayers, and using them as tools for meditation and contemplation. 

It wasn’t long before I began showing them to my friends and family. I was humbled and overjoyed by the incredibly positive responses and support to continue, that I received from them. I am truly grateful for that and for these amazing people.

When I felt ready, I began offering my artwork as gifts to special people in my life.

An easy way to share the artwork without having to worry about whether someone had wall space or if a piece fit with their decor, was to place the artwork onto pendants, clothing and other items. 

The pendants are especially easy to carry around as reminders of the personal powers that you have within you that you would like to focus on. You can mediate on them, wear them as symbols of beauty and strength, use them as talismans or shields, or simply as decoration. The choice is yours.

Soon I began getting encouragement to share them with a much wider audience.

Currently I am working on a webstore where I can share my artwork, pendants, clothing designs, yoga mats and other fun things that people can make use of with you. 

Each item will carry within its essence, the prayer, the special words of self-empowerment, the wish, and the magick, that will help remind you or assist you in focusing on the “super powers” that you desire.

By super powers, I mean the positive characteristics that you may wish to embody in order to take control of your life and your purpose as you create a wonderful and purposeful life for yourself and so that you can show up for others.

It is my intention to feature the work of other carefully curated artists from time to time as well.

3 Dimensional Kaleidoscopic Forms using the iOrnament Craft app.

I am playing around with derivatives of my drawings. I’ve been making Kaleidoscopic patterns and designs and putting them onto fun things like jewelry, flip-flops, all-over print shirts, beach towels and various sorts of bags among other things. Above is a flat panel for a geometric figure that you can print and tape together.   You can see some of my printed goodies in my  Zazzle, Society6 and Redbubble stores. You can find the links on my Porfolio page. Below you can find “Eye See,” the first in a new series I am working on, of my amulet cabochon jewelry. Enjoy! (Artists in New Jersey.)

About the Kaleidoscopes

(I crafted the Hyperbolic Kaleidoscopic pieces using  my original mandala drawings, and with them, I made kaleidoscopic videos.  From those video, I carefully curated the best still frames out of hundreds of possibilities.)