“Dehypnotize yourself from false beliefs.” – Maxwell Maltz, M.D., F.I.C.S. 

My purpose has always been to act as a catalyst to uplift others. This project is the culmination of my life’s work. It explores the intersection of consciousness (Wave) art (how symbols communicate with the subconscious and unconscious parts of the mind) and culture (how we can develop mastery of ourselves so that we may interact within our culture in a productive and satisfying way)  and the impact of this intersection on our psyches and how we show up in the world. I am sharing the symbols, pictures, drawings, words and techniques that I have learned about and or created that have helped me in my personal development and  to achieve what I want in life. I don’t necessarily believe that success is all about hard work. There is another level of creation that I wish to operate on and that is what I am playing with here, for me and for you, if you choose to join me on this journey. It’s like giving ourselves the gift of a blessing, and these pieces are a reminder of the treasures we have within ourselves, and what we can be. -Salma Chiu

Your most important asset is the conscious control of your own life.  -Eric Butterworth  

WAVE Art Culture

Drawing My Prayers

Receptive, devoted, honoring the divine that saturates all things. listening silently, knowing guidance is always available. Feeling grateful for and humbled by the powerful life force that electrifies and animates us all. Namaste – Salma Chiu 2019

About the Artist

I’ve always wanted to be an artist, but have struggled over the years to find my voice, that is, until now. Yet, this is so much more than that and these are so much more than just pretty pictures, this is my mission and it is for you.

What is "Drawing My Prayers"

I often embed sigils or sigil-like sacred or intuitive symbols (see semiotics, sigil magick, sacred geometry, sacred symbols, ) into my work that represent the words, invocations and prayers that intuitively come forth as I am creating each piece. They are reminders and inner mirrors, reflecting the brilliance of our true selves. They can be used as catalysts, and are here to wake us to what we already have within ourselves. 

I use these colorful symbols to delight the eyes, and to connect with the parts of my mind that are below the conscious level of my awareness.

This new code is positive, constructive and nurturing. It helps me to bring forth the self-empowering characteristics that I have within me (we all have them) that I had been blocking in the past, due to bad programming. It is a journey and I am still on it.

What do sigils mean to me and why should you care?

To me, a sigil is simply a prayer and many of my sigils represent the states, attributes and characteristics that I would like to create in my life. That is why I chose to call this project, Drawing My Prayers (see https://www.instagram.com/salmajane/). 

Each piece is a prayer, an intention, a force of will which serves as a catalyst for change.

I intuitively draw the symbols into the tiniest portions of the works while I am in a meditative state. They often end up hidden in the core of the piece.

I love the idea of using symbols to create change because the conscious mind doesn’t really run the show in our lives and symbols work at a deeper level.  

Oftentimes, words are harder for the conscious mind to believe. However, because we can form a deeper connect from pictures and symbols, they can be so powerful in helping us to make positive changes in our minds and in our lives.

Especially when they represent the words that are associated with how we want to feel and behave, what we would like to be and how we would like to show up in the world.

How do I use these Symbols?

Our programming or the model of the world that we have in our psyches, creates our perception of reality. Science is beginning to figure out that how we see the world and what we believe, shapes our perception of reality and actually can end up affecting our reality.

With this understanding, I embarked on this project for the purpose of self-empowerment and positive change. I am using these drawings as a point of focus to bring out in me, what they represent.

Essentially, I use them to help create the state of mind, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that I need in order to achieve my goals. 

Sharing is Caring

My hope is that in sharing this work, that others may benefit from it too.    

Integration is the Key

I believe this technique has worked for me. I have seen evidence of how I have become more integrated. I feel that I  have overcome so much of the old programming that I used to walk around with. There is much more work and personal growth that I would like to accomplish, and so I continue. 

What gives me hope that what I am doing here may benefit others, is that I have seen the concepts that I work with benefit others in their quest for personal development and positive change. 

It was through many years of study and practice along with experience, observation and a lot of pain and mistakes that led me to find this work and to bring it to life.

I use these drawings as symbols, much like talismans, that work at levels beneath the conscious mind to embed empowering messages and beliefs into my mind. I have been pleased with the results of using this process and I am so excited about sharing these pieces and the process with others in the hopes that others will benefit as well.  


The Greater Purpose

This project has grown beyond simply being for my own benefit. Pendants are a great medium for delivering these powerful symbols to those who would like to benefit from this work because they are both easy to carry around and affordable for me to create and distribute.

Each pendant can serve as a powerful symbol that works on a deeper level to remind us of who we really are. 

I believe that we all have these powerful attributes and states available to us, but sometimes we just need to awaken them. That is the case for me and  I hope that they might serve you in a way that is beneficial too.

These drawings serve as invocations. 

The pendants serve as catalysts that we can wear or carrying around with us.

We can see, touch, feel or hold them as symbolic reminders of who we really are and the extent of our strength and personal power.  

Personal Power



Ease/Peace of Mind

Divine Being

Strength & Resolution

Peace, Kindness & Understanding

The Power of Positive Intent

Each piece in my collection has been created with positive intent, and embodies the words and concepts that I have needed for myself in order to grow into the person whom I wish to be. It is my hope that they will do the same for you.

These pieces, viewed in large format, allow the viewer to see the very fine detail that is often embedded in the center of the mandalas. Several of them have are pictures within picture. 

The Role of Intuition

 Each drawing starts with a feeling which becomes an energetic prayer or intention, and through the process of meditation, I have assigned each one a “living word” (see Jim Self’s Mastering Alchemy for more information on Living Words.)  (https://masteringalchemy.com)

The Power of Words and Focused Intent

One of my favorite teachers, Jim Self, from Mastering Alchemy, coined the term Living Words, and has been a great inspiration to me in my self-mastery.

From my understanding, a Living Word is a word with a positive intent that we can embody as an aspect of ourselves.

Words can be invocations, and there are several empowering words that I use to focus my intent. I hold these living words as sacred.

Moreover, they represents a point of focus. That point of focus can then be used to embody the characteristics of the spirit of the meaning of the word that I wish to bring forth within myself.

The phrase, ‘wear your words’ comes to life in these pieces as a manifestation brought about through positive intent, the force of will, meditation and mindfulness. You can do this too with these or with your own words. This is available to everyone. 

The Power of Synergy

I have many more drawings that I have not published here and I draw everyday as a form of meditation. I hope that this project inspires you to find within yourself, your own strength, whether you create your own symbolic reminders or use these.

I have found that the synergy of combining symbol work with meditation and or certain energy psychology methods that clear out un-useful or outdated scripts, beliefs, and mental blocks, is a powerful combination.


Enjoy the Process, Change is Inevitable

Whatever you do on your spiritual path, enjoy the process. I don’t know if we ever finish, it’s ongoing and change is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be a blood sport.  It’s up to each one of us to participate or not. 

This is Not Medical Advice

NOTE: This is not medical advice. I am not a licensed counselor or doctor of any sort, and if you have a mental illness, serious problems or have been traumatized, seek help from a professional.

I do not recommend any of this to anyone who feels mentally unstable or has any reservations about their mental stability. Release work is serious business and is not to be trifled with.

Who am I? (A little bit about the artist)

Ever since I can remember, I have been curious about the invisible, the hidden and esoteric. What is the shadow? How does the mind-body connection work and how is it all connected to our spiritual development? How can we show up in the word and perform in the way in which we would like to?

Early in my career I served as a financial analyst working at Paramount Pictures and then The New York Times. I know what corporate life is like and how it can affect our souls in not so pretty ways.

My second career involved a lot of meditation and six years of study learning how to be a hypnotist, and then a Life, Health, Energy and Fitness Coach, after which  I spent many hours working with mostly artists and other creative people who are on a spiritual path. 

My greatest desire was to bring together, nurture and support the artists and the arts community who share my vision. They have mostly been in the psychedelic community and I owe so much to their positive influence.

My face-to-face inspiration has come from many people including Eric Butterworth from Unity, Kiana Love founder of Be Wild Woman (http://bewildwoman.com), Alex and Allyson Grey from CoSM, my various coaching and fitness teachers, their extended and fractal communities, and other very special friends and family members.

Their philosophies and the care for their respective communities and the people in their lives, have both nurtured me and inspired me to learn and grow into a stronger, more resilient person.

I have held leadership and supporting positions in the New York City spiritual community with Reality Sandwich and Souldish and also in the Psytrance community within the Artsy Fartsy parties, among others, and have worked with and collaborated with the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM), Reality Sandwich (an online magazine) and Souldish (a NYC conscious events calendar) to bring people together in a way that creates nurturing bonds and a collaborative spirit while having fun. 

Music, art, dance…these are what excite me. 

Making Room for the Good

Emotional clearing has helped me tremendously. I believe that it was a necessary first step for me in my spiritual path. When I combine the two, really cool transformations have occurred.

For help with emotional clearing check out:
The powerful Kiana Love’s Be Wild Woman: Http://www.BeWildWoman.com/ 

Z-point by founder, Grant Connolly https://acceptingself.com/,

The Ethos Method by Maryam Webster
at http://ethosmethod.com

EFT at Dr. Mercola’s website here: https://eft.mercola.com/;

and what Dr. Bruce Lipton likes best: Psych-K at https://psych-k.com/.


 -Salma Chiu  


Below are a few samples of my pieces from the early years.

This display does not contain my whole collection. Many of my most favorite pieces haven’t been displayed anywhere yet.